Has your home suffered water damage from leaks, a flood or ice dams? Are you having problems breathing in your home? Are you buying a home and do you suffer from allergies, sore throats, or sinus problems? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you may have an indoor air quality problem caused by mold. A mold inspection by Mold Rover can help to sniff out the root of the problem and advise on repairs.


Mold Dogs are trained to discriminate scents from various types of microbial colonies; including places where people cannot see or reach.

Properly trained dogs are extremely sensitive, walking gas chromatographs with a proven record of locating mold, even when hidden behind partitions or inside of walls.


With incredible senses of smell, dogs have been trained to detect mold, bedbugs, termites, drugs and explosives. Courts have ruled properly trained dogs to be a certified scientific instrument.

Dogs have been used for this purpose in Europe for over 35 years. Because properly trained dogs can pinpoint the source of the problem, money is saved in unnecessary testing and remediation construction.