“Best $300 I ever spent-you actually pointed out some other things that the home inspector missed.”
Eric O.- Norton MA

“Thank you! Thanks for the editorial on the lab results. They can be quite challenging for people to interpret who are not experts-we really appreciate it. We will definitely recommend you, Cosmo, and your team for any friends of ours who have mold inspections in the future and we really appreciate the excellent service.”
David & Katie W. – So. Weymouth, MA

“Just wanted to thank you for speaking with Ken today and for meeting me at 7 am the other morning. You have been so helpful from day one and I really appreciate it! Thanks for not only being very professional, but for also being a good friend to come to for advice.”
Mike W. – Charlestown, MA

“After suffering from mold with my sinus infections, it was literally a breath of fresh air to have you perform your very professional inspection. You enabled me to easily clean up the mold, save money, and improve my health.”
Valerie M. – Portsmouth, RI

“Before I purchased the house in Framingham, we had Mold Rover in to inspect the house, and have eased many concerns for me! With the allergies I have…….it was well worth the trip!!!
Sallie M. – Framingham, MA

“Thanks for all of your help. I thought you might enjoy some of this information. My husband went to the salon to bleach the mold as you suggested. His curiosity got the best of him and he decided to explore the margin around the Cladisporium to see if it had branched out. It did!! It was to the right, behind the sheetrock-not on it but behind it. Eric followed its trail, tracking it to its source: It was festering behind the Laundry room baseboard. Exactly where you had said it would be!! Amazing!!! Accolades to Mold Rover!!!!”
Beth K. – Swampscott, MA